If you’ve ever tried to change your lifestyle on your own, you know how easy it is to quit after a day or two. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to eat healthier for a while but never end up getting started at all.

Well  one thing’s for sure:  knowing what to do and having the support you need makes all the difference. But with so much information out there, it can be extremely confusing and intimidating to try to go vegan on your own.

Sure, you can do your own Google research, but it’s much more effective to learn directly from someone who has been living the lifestyle for the past 5 years.  Think about how much time and stress you could save yourself if you had direct access to such a person. And your chances of success are much better when you have someone holding you accountable to what you said you wanted to do.

A detox is one of the best ways to start any health journey. You’re giving yourself the reset you need so that you can make changes to your lifestyle more easily. 

If you’re tired of being tired and you want to take back control of your life, then this group is for you. The Better Body Detox will help you reclaim your wellness and get back on the right track. It’s a great jumpstart for those who want to lose weight,  heal or prevent sickness. And it’s the perfect beginning for those looking to transition to a vegan lifestyle. 

Your 7 Day Group Detox challenge includes: 

  • Access to three live trainings with Stephanie Sunshine + video replay ($300 value)
  • Group support and daily check in for the detox 
  • Better Body Lifestyle Membership trial for the month of July ($72 value)

The investment is $36 to participate and you can register by clicking the link below.

Don’t let another 5 years pass by without making any changes - it’s time to take action right now!  Join us today - your detox fam is  waiting on you!


Note: The Detox Guide is highly recommended and can be purchased separately here:  Download the Detox Guide