Meet Stephanie Sunshine

I believe women can be whatever they want to be, not who someone else or their smaller self told them they had to be.

Hello beautiful soul! I’m Stephanie Sunshine, and I help energy-sensitive women develop unshakeable confidence to discover and pursue their deeply fulfilling soul's purpose

Do you dream of taking control of your life and making it more balanced?Of feeling secure enough to embrace all aspects of who you are and actually going after what’s really important to you?

Do you want to be able to spend most of your day doing things that really light you up - and making a living from it?

I did, too!

That’s why I created a mentorship program that would help women clearly identify who they are independent of any relationships, roles and responsibilities they have so they can actively pursue what they were born to do. 

Growing up, I was painfully shy.  I was raised in a conservative Christian environment with little guidance beyond following the rules so that you can make it to heaven.  This left me unprepared for the real world.

My father was completely absent, and my mom worked tirelessly, so my grandmother became my safe haven. But she was pretty strict, so I always craved freedom to express myself and make my own decisions. I longed to feel seen, wanted, and fulfilled.

I had the highest cumulative gpa and in every subject from kindergarten through 5th grade. They called my name so many times at each Honors Day that people started saying it before it was announced. 

But even though society told me I was pretty and smart I still had self worth issues tied to abandonment wounds. 

I didn’t recognize my own value so I tended to sell myself way short of my potential.

I had dreams of being a doctor, but I didn’t have any mentors to guide me through the college search process.  I got accepted at several prestigious schools including Emory university, but with no knowledge of the financial aid process I took a look at the price tag and immediately ruled private schools out. 

Fortunately, I still went to college and was the first to graduate on both sides of my family.  I finished with honors and absolutely no idea what to do next.  Without a plan, I settled for less in my professional life and found myself in draining and directionless relationships.

After a failed long-term relationship and a series of unfulfilling jobs, I hit rock bottom. I felt so trapped and limited by my circumstances. 

I graded almost every area of my life an “F” and I  wanted so much more for myself —I wanted to break free from the repetitive patterns and reclaim control. I was tired of being the victim, tired of living my life like I was in the back seat. I wanted to get behind the wheel and drive confidently. 

I found myself in an anxiety-inducing job that consumed my life, leaving no time for self-care or my son.

The turning point came one day on a lunch break when I started  reading "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferris and discovered entrepreneurship. It  sparked a paradigm shift that opened my eyes to new possibilities.

I dove into learning everything I could about digital entrepreneurship and I embarked on a health and spiritual journey, fasting, praying, and trusting in God that all of this served a greater purpose

As I began to unplug from the matrix, I started sharing my journey online and gained a following.  More and more people reached out to tell me that I inspired them to make changes of their own, which is a feeling beyond words. I had found my calling.

My passion for growth and helping others got so strong that one day, I decided I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. I quit my job, focusing on building a life of purpose on my own terms that allows me to feel alive and free again.

Fast forward to today, and I’m so blessed to say that I’ve inspired hundreds of thousands of people through social media and directly shifted the lives of 100s of people through my offerings over the years. 

Through my coaching I’ve helped women overcome self doubt and depression, release toxic beliefs and patterns from childhood, create structure in their lives and build discipline and confidence that they never thought was possible for themselves

Hearing and witnessing the impact that my decision to follow my heart has made on other people has completely changed my life and added so much meaning to everything I do.  I know that it’s way bigger than me, and that is what keeps me committed to showing up for those who need what I have to give. 

Now I invite you to explore working with me to experience your own incredible transformation. Let's break free from limitations, rewrite our stories, and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment.

So why choose Sunshine? 

I keep it real.  I’m spirit led, heart centered, and I stand on truth. I strongly believe that we’re all here to be of service to one another in our own unique way.  I’m able to highlight your gifts and bring out your brilliance by speaking to the God within you and focusing on how to turn your past pain into purpose. And I don’t hold back on telling you what you actually need to hear in order to move forward, not what you want to hear. 

I’m highly  invested in your growth.  I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into myself to elevate my personal and professional growth.  When you work with me, you will accelerate your own growth because you’ll be able to directly benefit from the thousands of hours of studying, training, and learning that I’m bringing to the table.

I once was in your shoes, feeling trapped, overwhelmed, and lost.  My journey has been full of having to heal from a lot of heavy emotions and trauma.   I dealt with self doubt, sleeping on myself, settling, distractions, blending in with partners, people pleasing and shrinking myself, and a whole lot of listening to outside voices instead of going within.  But once I started to study myself and reclaim my identity, the confidence, clarity, and direction I gained allowed me to tap into my power and manifest everything I dreamed of having. Now I feel so free and fulfilled creating life on my terms, and I know you can do the same. 

I’m not new to this, I’m true to this.  My real-world experience speaks for itself.  I’ve been focused on living my best life as an entrepreneur since 2016. When it comes to following my dreams, I have tried  just about every business model you can think of, so I have a wide catalogue of ideas and plenty of  lessons learned.  Over the years I’ve offered live and digital classes and courses, challenges, memberships, products & product subscriptions, digital and print books, 1 on 1 coaching, international and local retreats, done-for-you services, and b2b services. I’ve had celebrity clientele, been a speaker, a vendor, and in the midst of all that I’m a wife and mother of a pre-teen and a toddler. When it comes to successfully finding balance between responsibilities, personal identity, and purpose, I’ve definitely got the sauce. 

Check My Resume

My Credentials Include:

Master of Education Degree (with honors) 

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Spanish (cum laude with honors)

Cornell University Certified Plant Based Nutritionist

200Hr Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher since 2017

Author of 5 books

I've invested over $30,000 in professional and personal development and trainings to include:

Coached by Myron Golden, Jereshia Hawk, Teri ijeoma of Invest With Teri, Sharon Beason of Womeneur 

Courses by King Ashley Ann, Maryam Hasnaa , Ronne Brown, Apryl Beverly, Aristotle, Yolanda Renteria

Self Study via hundreds of books and webinars, thousands of hours of youtube university learning from online mentors

Personal Healing via Reiki Master Attunement, plant medicine ceremonies, therapy, and personal traiining


I know without a doubt that every single person who comes across me is here for a reason. Alignment brought you here, now it’s up to you to say yes to the path that the future you will be so grateful for.